Sketch Partyyyyy!

Have a birthday party coming up and have no idea what to do to make it memorable? Have a get together with friends and need to spice it up a bit? How about giving them sketched selfies?! How cool is that!

I can do depending on what type of sketch you are looking for Caricature sketches, realism even paintings of your guests.

You can have me in house or have them ready to hand out at the end of the night! They can then frame them and have that moment to remember forever!  Up to 20 sketches depending on the type. Message to book your party now!!

(restricted to Durham Region/Toronto currently)

For caricature artwork: $175/hr

For realism artwork: $200/hr

For pencil sketches 8.5×11 $150/hr

portrait Paintings 8×10 $210/hr

*Below is just an example of accuracy. *




Custom made Pet portraits

Lizzywhothefunkc Creations Facebook page Price List. 2016 Effective immediately.
Paintings are what I do, Interested? Look here for affordable pricing for your next work of art! Custom acrylic paintings of your Pet, person or thing!
Look for examples on my page or here even! lots to see. Message for your very own (please note that pricing for extremely detailed paintings will add cost to labor)
*Please remember these are hand painted detailed fine art gallery quality paintings. Hours of labor goes into each one and you cannot buy this in stores, it is not a poster replica it is a work of art to cherish forever.
They are all unique and one of a kind made special of your pet. So deals can be made but please bare this in mind before asking as it is a lot of work and time that goes into them, thank you. SHIPS WORLDWIDE
*pricing is based on One pet portraits*
CAN funds SKETCH (art paper) 8.5×10- $25
Flat Canvas (canvas board) *for framing – not included.
5×7- $25
8×10- $45
9×12- $55
11×14- $65
12×16- $75
16X20- $135
Wrapped canvas: *smaller then 16×20 is same pricing as the flat canvas”
” 16×20- $135 ”
” 18×18- $145 ”
” 18×24- $150
regular style wood panels
5×7- $45 ”
” 6×6- $50 ”
” 8X10- $60 ”
” 10X10- $65 ”
” 16X20- $135
SAME AS BELOW FOR LARGER SIZING wood Panels(black)or( grey) 16×20- $175 ” ” 18×24- $155 ” ” 24×24- $185
*All works of art are Sealed with Krylon Matte Finish. It is a permanent, Protective coating. Eliminates a glossy sheen, non yellowing Moisture resistant

How to sell art

Selling art they say is the hardest things to sell, or is it?

Depending on your perspective it can be challenging but very rewarding. I found the best way to sell a piece of artwork is to trigger a emotion that people feel.

Being an artist who also paints custom pet portraits for people I gain a respect for those who are moved to tears when presented with there fur babies in paint. Thus making me believe that in order to provide something to the buyer we have to give them a movement in there hearts.

A painting is just a painting of an object or copy in a different form unless we are moved to paint a story in which triggers emotions in others who are having feelings at the time.

Whether its dark or sad or light and happy, each are from the heart of the artist and can thus unite each other as a bond or connection to the artist themselves and therefore invoke a sale.

Ultimately we as artists want to have someone also recognize where we are at the time we painted it also, which leaves us beaming because people can feel our pieces.

SO when painting remember that its not the price people are looking at they are really looking for a connection or fragment of there own life reflected in your paintings.

Painting to paint is one thing but painting from the heart moves people to buy your pieces.  Something to think about when you create your next piece.


Understanding Your Niche Market to Making Money Online

Excellent article thanks for posting!

Gillian T - Ezine Article Author

So you found your NICHE… now what?

In previous articles we broke it down that if you are selling a product or service on behalf of someone else, then your niche market are other affiliates just like you.

Knowing that did you bombard your niche with everything you know and you put your information anywhere and everywhere? And then wonder why your niche isn’t buying into your product like you did. Where did you go wrong?

It’s one thing to know you NICHE but it is a different thing all together to understand their mindset.


It is imperative that you fully understand the mindset of your niche market. And the best place to start is to answer the following question – truthfully.

Why did you choose the product/service you choose?

Was it because it was the best product/service on the market, was it because…

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Malland. Murals. Magnificent.

unlike painting on a canvas a wall is a larger more permanent space to show case your art.
Its a powerful beautiful way to beautify buildings. check it out, very inspiring for the artists who aspire to do something withstanding and wonderful. I would love to be able to do this as well.

Live & Learn

Seth Malland


You MUST check out more at Seth Globalpainter’s website at GlobalPainter. (Especially “Walls”).

“Julien Seth Malland’s murals revive crumbling walls with vibrant images of children immersed in galaxies of color. The Paris-based artist, who also goes by the pseudonym Seth Globepainter, adds depth to flat, brick-and-plaster walls with a palette of vibrant hues that seem inspired by a crayon box.” (Source: mymodernmet)

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Childrens short story. I did it!

I always wanted to write a child story an opportunity to be able to visualize some of the creativity and imagination that I had.

So I finally did it. I went  on Wattpad and I have created a short story which I would like to do a series  This is just one part of this children’s story its more dedicated for the younger demographics I would say A pre-kindergarten, kindergarten through grade one age group.

I am going to be working on the cover right now its in rough draft and I will be working hard to make it a eye opening and very child-friendly cover, but for now it will be free once I start doing a series of children’s stories I will be hoping that I get a lot of Loving alot of positive feedback and people looking  at it. Hopefully it will get picked up by a Publisher if I market it correctly.

Would love to hear your thoughts on it I would like to be able to do the graphics for each page for the story line and have a nice series of Tiny Tim books.

This is just the beginning of one of the many creative outlets I am utilizing with my talents.
I will still continue to progress on many other outlets such as Painting, logo design, illustration and whatever other creative avenues come about: so stay tuned because this is my adventure and I’m pretty excited because it’s starting to go the way that I am picturing it.
Exciting times ahead.

Please check out my short story for kids!
I think they will love it. And even better its free! Read this fun bed time story for them tomorrow night 🙂

Thanks in advance!

I’m also studying the social media certificate which will help me promote my book as well as any art adventures that I may be pursuing which at this point I am open to a lot of different areas I’m more interested in illustrations for children stories or book covers I would however like to be able to sell my art work as well as a separate facet as soon as I get a proper setup for taking photographs of my art for a clearer pictures to see better details as to what I’ve been doing.

I am also on Instagram now as a creative outlet for people to view there’s a lot of sketches there that I don’t actually put on Behance which is nice people get to see what I doodle.

Honestly I am all over the place when it comes two different kinds of mediums that I used to sketch I use the classic forms as well as the graphic forms and I ever expanding on my digital areas will be getting a brush for my  bamboo drawing tablet which I am extremely excited about so stay tuned for that.

please check out my short story for kids! I think they will love it. And even better its free! Read this fun bed time story for them tomorrow night 🙂
Cover is in rough draft still but will update soon.
Thanks in advance!

Punch through strategy, What sets this company apart from the rest


Elizabeth Campbell

About me

Home grown from Ontario Canada, city girl. Just an ordinary girl with a dream and a plan.

Always had a sense of style and clarity looking beyond the city life. As a child, a sponge absorbing the world and all in it. I then became a mother of two.

Through a tragic wake up call that sent me into a tailspin, I realized that life is to short not to want to be all the things you dream of. Because of it I have now decided that nothing is more important then being who you are and loving yourself and all that you do. Discovering things all over through child’s eyes and wonder on my own, I am reborn again and refreshed. Eat breathe sleep, art. My kids are inspiring me to discover the new and unchanged part of the creative me now morphing into LizzywhothefunkC.

Pushing to the limits and thinking outside the boundaries in art. Lost in color , lost in paint, lost in me. No one can tell you not to live a dream no one can tell you to put the paint brush on your self worth down and be some one who reflects only another. Be free, be who you want to be, most of all be happy. I am and never have been more happy then I am right now, in the moment. Now a member of the OAA here in Oshawa I plan to make my mark, one step at a time.. one painting at a time.

Don’t ever let go of what you think will bring out your soul. A fire has been lit within and I will never put it out again. Headphones on world out, this funky lady is Dj for her own life song.

What am I capable of? Why use my services?
Honesty. Quality. Integrity. Customer satisfaction.



‘This was my favorite ocean paintings – so I just had to get it!
I am very pleased with it even more now that I own it, as it now hangs in my home office.. I get many compliments by everyone who sees it. I cannot thank you enough for your hard work on this project and painting. it’s a perfect fit for my space and keeps me calmly remembering the beach, since eventually moving back to the beach is my promise land.
I cannot thank you enough for this piece of motivation and beauty in my home.
Thank You Thank You Thank You!
– Robert Wilkinson (BlotterMonkey) GAINSVILLE, GA ‘